I take a bath and shit – Svetlana

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Added: 1-03-2021
I take a bath and shit – Svetlana

Hello my friends. In this video, you see me taking a bath. I’m cheerful, I’m in a good mood, I always want to shoot for you) I show you how I bathe, my naked body, big tits. I lie on my stomach and you see my juicy buns in the foam. I am with you with all my vibes and I like that you look at me. I pissed into the bathroom, the camera is so that you can see the urine pouring directly into the water in which I bathe. Then I lay down on my side, opened my buttocks and shit into the water. Poop fell into the water with foam and I swam in water with poop) I am in a good mood and I wish you the same. Look, enjoy and have fun! Happy viewing!

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