The Queens - Blackmailed Bi Foot Cuck Game

Added: 1-03-2021
The Queens - Blackmailed Bi Foot Cuck Game

Custom Clip, name ‘Chris’ – Start with your feet up showing your soles and have a joint. “I know you’ve already taken some of your THC tincture but we want to get you absolutely baked. And then we can really have some fun.” Laugh. Light up the joint and tell me to go get a beer and more tincture. “I want you to put (your choice) number or drops into your beer and take a chug” “Now that there’s no turning back and you’re getting higher and hornier by the second, we can start the reprogramming.” “We’re going to play a little game of red light green light. When the light is green, you can sip and stroke your cock. But not too well. Don’t want you cumming too quick” Laugh. “And when it’s red, you stop stroking and put more ThC into your beer while we brainwash you to like cuckolding.” Do red light green light for a while. Tell me to tribute occasionally. “I hope you realize all the guys in your building know you love porn. They can hear you watch it every time.” Tell me I love feet and everyone knows my secret. Suggest I get cuckolded by my gf. “Youd love to see her pounded by a bull while you licked her feet. Wouldnt you? Maybe in a chastity cage?” Do a cum countdown. “Now youre brainwashed to link mindblowing orgasms, big dicks, feet and sending us money. Oh and getting cucked. Absolutely perfect. Now that youre so high and drained, I wonder if you could watch this again?” Use Chris occasionally. Be bratty.
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