Miss Jessica - Cheeky plumber

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Added: 2-03-2021
Miss Jessica - Cheeky plumber

Miss Jessica is sitting in the lounge when the plumber comes through who’s fixing her bathroom. Miss Jessica instantly spies something in his pocket and pulls it out. A pair of her knickers! He explains that she is the Miss Jessica isn’t she? As he saw a video of her where someone stole her knickers and she sat on them. Miss Jessica tells him that’s only for the priveledged and he now deserves another punishment for his theft. Making him kneel on the floor with his head in her knickers, Miss Jessica fetches a few paddles. She pulls down his trousers and start spanking him with a thick black leather paddle. Soon his pants are pulled down to receive a bare bottom paddling. Miss Jessica drapes her legs over him and pushes his head further to the floor. She then uses a red perspex paddle to make his bottom match the paddle. Finally, Miss Jessica stuffs her knickers in his mouth and tells him to finish the job like that.
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