Evolved Fights - Kelli Provocateur vs Fluffy

Category: Wrestling
Added: 2-03-2021
Evolved Fights - Kelli Provocateur vs Fluffy

Kelli Provocateur has been on fire. This little thing has been whooping on men for a while so it was very brave of fluffy to call her out and take her on. Poor Fluffy really doesn’t stand a chance. Kelli roughs this guy up for 18 minutes. She takes him down, face sits him, leg scissors him, and has her way with him the entire time. This guy is so pathetic that in the prize round he’s not even allowed to use his dick. Kelli uses is face to worship her muscles, big clit and her feet. Lots and lots of feet. Fluffy is then tied up while Kelli straps on a big black cock for him to suck on. Fluffy is face fucked to the ground and Kelli sits on his face and ride it until she cums.
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